Gas Test Atmospheres (Online refresher)



This is an on-line refresher program for those who have previously obtained and applied their skills.

The unit is about testing the working atmosphere to determine if it is safe for the proposed work. Testing involves the use of electronic test apparatus. In a typical scenario an individual may be required to carry out gas testing of an atmosphere prior to entering a specific area or work space. The competency requires the person to interpret readings and take actions based on the interpretation. This unit is modeled on the Public Safety unit PUAFIR307A Monitor hazardous atmospheres, but does not have the prerequisites, which are not required in the industrial context. The unit is more focused on the needs of that sector and has some wording changes.

Cost: $150.00

Time and Duration: 2 Hours


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Course Requirements

Candidates will be issued an enrolment email along with a list of pre-requisites below:

  • Colour copy of previous “Statement of Attainment” issued within the past 3 years
  • Referee testimonial which we will supply for completion
  • Colour copy of front and back of driver’s licence
  • Your USI code

You can access your USI code at the link below. 






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